Wednesday, February 10, 2016

My Valentine's Day Gift Wish List

Some days it's fun to think... if money wasn't a factor, what would I want right now as a Valentine's Day gift(s)...
Here's my little wish list...

All chosen from the Nordstrom web site of course :) My fave!

Any thing special on your list??

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Countdown to the Weekend

This weekend Ryan and I are going to see O.A.R. in concert in Atlantic City. Though Atlantic City is far from being Las Vegas, I'm really excited for our little mini vacation. Life has been a bit hectic the past few weeks. (less blog posts... have you noticed?!) So this trip is coming at the perfect time.
We're going to go out to a nice dinner before the concert on Saturday and then drive back home Sunday afternoon. The best part - no work on Monday! wahooo! I just love three day weekends.

On a totally different topic - this year I started watching the Bachelor for the first time. I'm addicted. I'm very happy Olivia was left behind on that island ... she's crazzzyyy

Any fun Valentine's Day plans??

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