Friday, January 22, 2016

Get Out of it

Everyone goes through it, it's just sometimes hard to get out of it.
How do you get out of feeling as though you're in a rut?
I usually try to think positive or remind myself that life isn't always super awesome and fun. Most of the time life is very routine. Routines are what make us feel so comfortable and happy. 

When I'm feeling a bit down or wondering if Ryan and I are on the right path, I always think about all the good things in our lives. How amazing our lives really are and how lucky we are to have the families we have.
You just have to go back to making those happy, positive lists. The things that sometimes you take for granted. 

Then you remind yourself how great it is to be you and living the life you have made for yourself.
Feel like you're in a rut or stuck? Make your list of what you're thankful for and what brings a smile to your face. I promise you'll feel so much better!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Working Girl in the City

Living in New Jersey and working in New York City means you carry everything you might need with you during the day. The web site PureWow did a whole article about it. Here it is.

And if you're going to the gym at lunch or after work you'll also be carrying a gym bag. Yikes. Is that why my back hurts? From carrying all of my stuff!?
So, you ask, what does someone need for the commuting life? Here it is!

I cannot live without my Bose noise cancelling headphones. They changed my life! Once they are turned on I'm not annoyed by other people's conversations. I can just sit in silence, drink my coffee and read my Kindle. Two other things that are always in my bag.
I also always have a pen or two. And see the bag in the lower left hand corner?? That's full of hair ties, lip gloss, chap stick, gum, perfume, blotting papers, hairbrush, medicine... the list goes on. I can pretty much solve any problem with that little bag.
You'll need a wallet of course, and a MetroCard to navigate the subway. My monthly train ticket is on an app on my phone. So I always need to make sure my phone is charged. That's when the portable charger comes in handy.
Oh, and my 2016 planner! Need that too! (not photographed) Lots of list making goes on in that little book of mine.
If I plan to go to the gym I also carry a water bottle.
Can you see all this adding up??? Maybe I should weigh my bag...

What do you carry in your bag?

Thanks for reading,

Monday, January 18, 2016

Clean Home = Happier Home

As I clean and purge un-needed things I have been gradually loving our apartment more and more. Investing my time and energy to make our little home more welcoming and inviting has made me happier. I'm proud of what we've accomplished and how we've furnished our part of the world.
Because our home is now more organized and has less stuff, we in turn have more time to do things we want to do. Fun things.

It's a little strange to be able to relax on a Sunday afternoon and not have to worry about all the chores we need to get done. With less stuff there's less work.
I've also come to love having less space. A year ago we downsized from a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment to a one bedroom, one bathroom apartment. Less space also equals less work. I'm loving it.
That show Tiny Houses may be on to something!

Thanks for reading,