Saturday, March 19, 2016

Eating and Buying Local

As I continue to read Omnivores Dilemma I'm pulling more and more away from mass produced food. (I think it's my Oregonian side coming out in full force! hah!) I can't help but wonder what is in the food we buy from the grocery store. We eat whatever the animal was fed or however the produce was grown. Can can't wash off the chemicals or antibiotics the animal ingested... It makes me nervous not having any control over it.
Since Ryan and I live in an apartment and we have no land to grow a garden, I've signed us up for a local Community Supported Agriculture program.
What is a CSA? I had no idea before reading the Omnivores Dilemma either!
A CSA allows city residents to have direct access to high quality, fresh  produce locally grown by regional farmers. When you become a member of a CSA, you purchase a "share" of vegetables from the regional farmer.

Pretty awesome, right?! So, every Saturday morning, beginning in May, we will drive about 20 minutes to Dreyer Farms and pick up our weekly produce box. All local, all fresh from the farm.

CSA's are all over the country and very easy to find. You'll be able to find your local CSA by a quick Google search.

I'll let you know how it works out! I can't wait for May!

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