Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Bucket List

The other day I was asked what the top item on 'Bucket List' was. I had about a minute to think about it and I had no idea. The first thing that came to my head and what I said was - move back to Oregon.
Other people around the table mentioned places they'd like to travel, things they'd like to buy... I guess I've never really thought about my Life Bucket List. Is that a thing?

It got me thinking and I've come up with three things. 
1. Move to Oregon some day
Sooner rather than later

2. Buy a home
Ryan and I cannot wait for this day!!

3. Have a kid 
I only want one, they're expensive!

Those are my three. I know, I know... totally mushy and what many people call the American Dream. But that's what I want.

I've traveled, I have a loving husband and family... soooo what else would be on my bucket list? Maybe be an extra on a TV show? Have a job where I just read books? I love the three things on my bucket list. And I know they are attainable and that one day I'll be able to cross them off my list.

What's on your bucket list?

Thanks for reading,

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Where Did That Come From!?

This weekend was super busy, but a total blast. Saturday I ran my first race since the New York City Marathon! The race was 6.2 miles in Central Park and I was a little nervous since I'd only run four miles a couple times beforehand. It did rain, but didn't downpour. Thank goodness!
I far exceeded my expectations and I'm so proud! I really think the personal training sessions are helping make me stronger overall. My finish time was 47:17. That's 7:37 per mile! Where did that come from?!?
Here's a super unflattering photo of me during the race...

After the race (don't worry, I showered!) I met up with my friend Chloe at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Rainy days are the very best museum days. :)

Once I got back to New Jersey, Ryan and I met up with his Mom for dinner to celebrate his birthday. We like to keep the birthday celebrations going all keep long!

Since Saturday was jammed back Sunday was full of errands, grocery shopping and laundry... And of course couch and TV time!

I have another race coming up at the end of this month so I need to keep on training!

Thanks for reading,