Friday, November 27, 2015

After the Wedding

We've been married for almost three months now.
Since the wedding was across the country from where we currently live, (we live in New Jersey - the wedding was in Oregon, where I grew up) we needed more time. We planned the wedding for almost a year and half. Since I LOVE planning and I'm pretty darn good at it, the process wasn't too bad and the wedding week was just fantastic.

But now... We're married. And I find myself asking now what? Now what? Now What?! What do we need to plan or do? Should we start planning to have baby? Isn't that what people do? What are we supposed to do now???
Then, after the craziness inside my brain subsides a little bit, I think - enjoy being married!
You're married! That's so great!!!

Does any one else have these feelings? Now that you're married what are you supposed do next???
How can we stop thinking - what's next???? - and just enjoy today?

I've started taking yoga classes again to try and calm my ever-running brain.

We need to remember to just sloooow down and enjoy what's in front of us.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
I am so very thankful for my friends, family and husband! And of course our dog and cat! :)

Thanks for reading,

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Why Blog? Why Now?

Why am I trying this again?
I don't really know. I feel as though I need somewhere to write and connect with other like-minded individuals. I've also tried to find a blog out there that I can really connect with. One that I'm like - yeah... I totally agree, I'm going through the exact same thing! I'm also pretty tired of all the blogs and Instagram accounts out there spouting perfect lives through touched-up and enhanced photos (you won't see that here). No one has a perfect life. NO ONE. I promise. :)

So here I am. Trying this whole blog thing again.
I started a blog about four years ago when I signed up for my first marathon. But I felt like I should only write about running. And I'm more than just a runner. So I haven't blogged for about two years now...

Soooo. Here's this new blog I just started TODAY! November 25th, 2015.

Wondering about the name?
Well, I have this problem of always planning - asking, what's next? What can I do or plan? What can I look forward to next?! But here's me just realizing - like, literally this week - that I need to stop and enjoy the here and now. This special moment, this day, this hour - this second.

So here I am. Writing about it. Stopping the Now What? problem I have and many people have... I can't be the only one? Right!?

Thanks for reading,